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Individualized Pet Care And Personalized Treatment Plans In An Era Of Big Business Monopolies

Over the past five years there has been an unprecedented change in the veterinary profession. More than half of the veterinary hospitals in the U.S. are now owned by one major corporation. Because of this, privately owned, care-first/business second hospitals are becoming fewer and fewer.

The corporations are practicing value based “super store” medicine designed to offer a lot for a little to the public in the form of wellness plans. A large percentage of pet owners who sign up for these plans bring with them the misconception that they are purchasing pet health insurance which it is not. It is our feeling, much of what’s included in these wellness plans isn’t always necessary and many pets are being over vaccinated and over treated. Additionally, they make it very difficult and, in some cases, financially prohibitive to cancel these wellness plans once the client has signed at the dotted line. Our philosophy has a few significant differences. While we are committed to keeping the cost involved in preventative medicine reasonable, we do not believe that all dogs and cats have identical needs. Because at times we will recommend that pets not receive certain vaccines, in the end the care you will receive here can be less expensive. More is not always better. Value does not always equal good medicine and each patient needs to be viewed as an individual not a statistic or as part of a generalized demographic.

Another key difference is, at the VOTC you will always see the same team and in most cases, the same doctor. Many of Dr. Dave’s clients have been seeing him for over 15 years. The high turn over rate of doctors at the larger corporate practices has reached an alarming level. Trying to see the same doctor twice in a row can be a challenge and the majority of the doctors are new graduates who require far more diagnostic steps to get to the source of a problem where as Dr. Dave has 10+ years of experience. Yet another reason this makes the VOTC the better choice.

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