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At the Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center, we can help your pet battle cancer with the proper medicines and treatment by using the latest clinical advances. Call for an Exam today!

Providing Treatment for Your Pet

We provide treatment for the vast majority of canine & feline cancers:

  • Adhere to University-Established Chemotherapeutic Protocols
  • Similar Chemotherapy Used By Most Major Universities
  • Chemotherapy, Surgery, Immunotherapy and Chinese Medicine
  • Treatment Costs 80% Less Than Seen At Referral Centers

Individualized treatment with multi-variant approach including diet, supplements and recommended lifestyle changes to treat the whole pet.

We are here to advise you on the many misconceptions regarding cancer treatment in companion animals versus humans. It is our mission to help you through the process and educate you to make the best choices possible. Please call today if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pets condition.


In January 2009 my 4-year-old Rottweiler named Tasia was diagnosed with Lymphoma primary in the Spleen. The Vet I trusted for many years prior had recommended Dr. David Aguirre for her cancer/chemo treatment. Having had a bad experience with a local Emergency Vet office with my first Rottie; I was very reluctant and nervous about using anyone but my Vet.

Tasia’s cancer diagnosis did not come easy. Although she presented with all the signs and symptoms of lymphoma it couldn’t be confirmed through traditional means, because I was not willing to put her through any invasive procedures. Dr. Aguirre came up with the idea of a minimally invasive ultrasound guided biopsy, which ultimately proved the cancer primary in her spleen. Tasia began treatment right away and Dr. Aguirre worked with me in developing a treatment plan that had proven to work very well. Tasia responded immediately and went into a 6-year remission. Upon initial diagnosis Dr. Aguirre advised that there were no guarantees, and that with treatment Tasia’s life could be extended anywhere from 1 -7 years.

About 2 years after her treatment ended, I moved south for 2 ½ years. During this period I would bring Tasia up for her routine exams and vaccinations. Dr. Aguirre remained actively involved in her care by consulting with the vet where I lived as needed while I was not in NY. A bond was formed during those many months of weekly visits during her treatment that transcended through time and distance, which still remains.

Tasia died just 5 months shy of her 11th Birthday. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Aguirre for giving me those 6-½ additional years with Tasia who brought joy to my life everyday.

Kerry Harris
August 2, 2017

I have had dogs in my family for just about all of my 80 plus years. The most recent nine of them have been rescues from the Golden Retriever Rescue Group . Two of year old brother and sister...developed serious cancer. Both were treated by an excellent veterinary group, and Dr. David Aguirre joined that team during the time my two dogs were being treated. We were told that Dr. Aguirre was specially trained to deal with cancer in canines...and he became the primary doctor for both of them. Without his care, they both would not have had long to live. The two dogs went for weekly treatments and they both came through very for over five more years with no troubles at all. Both passed from other natural causes due to their advanced age of 12 . My current companion is Brandy...another Golden Rescue . I got her when she was three. She has been cared for by Dr. Aguirre for routine shots, etc...and when she was eight, she developed a cancer cell in her front leg. Another veterinarian in the same group told me Brandy would need complicated surgery and a skin graft and a prolonged healing time. I asked for Dr. Aguirre for his opinion, and as a result, Dr. Aguirre did the surgery ...which was 100% successful and no skin graft was needed. Brandy healed completely...and she is now 11 and is as happy and healthy as anyone would wish. Dr. Aguirre gave her and me the most wonderful gift ever....more happy years together. I have the highest praise and respect for Dr. Aguirre not only as a veterinarian but as a true friend to both of us.

Harold Sauter
August 28, 2017

My dog "Sadie" was diagnosed and treated for
Lymphoma by Dr. Dave Aguirre from 2015 to 2016. During this time of
treatment (fortunately we were able to afford the assorted meds
available for this illness) Sadie was treated with love and respect by
Dr. Dave and his staff. We are thankful for the extra time we were given
with Sadie thanks to Dr. Dave's expertise and willingness go the extra mile
to find a solution to her illness. Unfortunately, after finishing her chemo, Sadie did not live as long as we had hoped for, but we are confident that Dr. Dave did everything possible to save her and I would not hesitate to seek out his help for any of my pets in a similar situation especially with new medical advances and Dr. Dave's dedication to this field.

Tom Cardaci
May 21, 2018

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