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Pet Ear Care From Our Medford Veterinarian

Many animals' ears are constructed very differently than those of humans, even if the basic mechanisms responsible for hearing remain similar. Some pets have large, floppy ear flaps that cover the ear canals, while others have large, wide-open ears that allow various unwanted items to enter.

Pets are often subject to painful, potentially damaging conditions such as ear infections, so you need to know where to seek treatment and how to prevent such problems from occurring. Here at Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center, our Medford veterinarian can help.


Causes and Symptoms of Pet Ear Problems

Pets' ears can develop a variety of painful problems, from acute injuries to skin tumors. The most common problem, however, involves infection. Bacteria and fungi can enter the ear canals often produce ear infections in dogs, while cats primarily struggle with ear mite infiltration. Allergies, moisture in the ear canal, and ear wax accumulation can also cause hearing loss and/or discomfort.

Pet owners should be able to recognize the telltale signs of a pet ear problem. If your pet paws at his ear, expresses pain when the ear is touched, and shakes or tilts his head obsessively, suspect an ear infection. Closer examination may reveal redness, a discolored discharge, or a foul odor coming from the affected ear. Any of these symptoms call for evaluation by our Medford veterinarian. Keep in mind that pets with unusually hairy ears, floppy ears, or a history of previous ear infections will run a higher risk for such problems.

Gentle Treatment and Preventative Measures

If your pet does have an ear infection, do not panic. We can evaluate the extent, location, and probable cause of the infection, including any underlying conditions or complications that might also need to be addressed. Antibiotic or antifungal ear drops can often clear up a troublesome ear infection. We can also clean out ear mites, remove wax buildup, and treat any acute injuries your pet's ear may have received. In severe cases, we can even perform surgery to treat ear diseases or injuries.

The smartest approach to pet ear problems involves prevention. Regular wellness exams can go a long way to catch and deal with dirty or waxy ears that might develop more serious trouble later. Preventative medications can keep ear kites and other parasites at bay. Our veterinarian can also advise you on a home ear care regimen, instructing you on how and when to clean your pet's ears, as well as what products to use.

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