Pet Ear Care

Pet owners often consider their pets a part of the family. Taking care of your furry family member’s health is a big responsibility. One of the most important components of your pet’s health is ear care. Many pets, especially dogs, are prone to ear infections. At Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, NY, our veterinary experts can provide your pet with the best ear care.


Symptoms of Pet Ear Infections

Pets can sometimes develop irritating and painful ear problems caused by infections. It is important to notice ear problems as early as possible so your pet can get treatment quickly. There are several signs you can look for that indicate issues with your dog’s ears.

  • Vigorously scratching the affected ear
  • Extreme head shaking and tilting
  • Dark discharge from the affected ear
  • Presence of odor in the ear
  • Itchiness in the affected ear
  • Redness and swelling of the ear canal
  • Crusting or scabs in the ears

However, some dogs don’t show symptoms of ear infections, apart from the buildup of wax and discharges in the ear canal. It is important to visit our veterinarian for regular examinations so we can catch any ear problems. Ear infections fall under several categories.

  • Otitis externa: inflammation that causes the outer ear canal to become swollen  
  • Otitis media: swelling in the middle of the ear canal
  • Otitis interna: the most dangerous infection, this causes swelling in the inner ear canal

Causes of Pet Ear Infections

Ear infections can have a variety of causes, which depend on the health and lifestyle of your dog.

  • Allergies, including skin allergies and food sensitivities, often cause ear swelling.
  • Moisture in the ears can create a breeding environment for bacteria.
  • Injuries in the ear canal can lead to infection.
  • Ear termites cause discomfort and infections.

Other causes of pet ear infections include hormone imbalances, deep scratches in the ears, and medical disorders.

Ear Infection Treatment

Our veterinarian can diagnose your pet and prescribe a number of treatments based on the type and severity of the infection. Medicated eardrops containing antibiotics and antifungals are used to kill bacteria and yeast in the ears. We can also prescribe anti-inflammatory eardrops to control swelling, along with other medications to relieve pain.

Ear cleaning is essential in treating and preventing ear infections. Our vet can show you what ear cleaning products to use and how to use them.

If an ear infection is severe, our veterinarian may recommend surgery to treat it.

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At Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, NY, we offer the best pet ear care services, from preventative measures to treatments. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.


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