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Dr. Dave was born and raised on Long Island. After several years of working in the film business he yearned for something more. He moved to Colorado with the hope of not only attending school at Colorado State’s elite veterinary medicine program but getting involved in their world-renowned animal cancer center. Before even unpacking his boxes, he went up to CSU’s veterinary teaching hospital to explore volunteering there. Dr. Dave began learning all aspects of animal medical health and found himself a part of one of the most extraordinary teams of people ever assembled to fight animal cancer. What this team did daily was amazing. Extending the lives of these pets that got served a raw deal seemed to be the “something more” he so wanted. When a paid position in research opened up Dr. Dave jumped at it and before long found himself contributing to Doctors Douglas Thamm and David Vail’s investigational therapeutics lab. He spent his days running to the lab between classes where he was growing different cancer cells and trying to kill them by both conventional and unconventional means. This culminated in 2008 when a study on milk thistle and its anti-cancer properties was presented for peer review at the annual veterinary cancer society meeting in Georgia. As much as he enjoyed the research side of cancer care it was the clinical environment where he felt the greatest sense of purpose. Seeing the difference he could make in both the pets and their families' lives was where his true calling lie. For the past 15+ years, Dr. Dave has worked treating every imaginable health problem our pets can experience but his drive to make a difference in treating pet cancer has always been his emphasis. For 7 years he was the primary doctor at Coram Animal Hospital before he ultimately made the choice to open the VOTC.  He is a member of the Veterinary Cancer Society and stays in touch with academia to better serve his patients. When not at the VOTC caring for his patient’s, Dr. Dave can be found doing yoga, camping with his dogs, wrenching his classic cars, travelling abroad with his kids or playing the guitar in various bands. 

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