Senior Pet Wellness

Quality Senior Pet Care

Our furry best friends age just like we do. They often require extra care to maintain their mobility, health, and vitality. In fact, many pet owners don't even know their furry friends are considered seniors. For instance, cats are typically identified as seniors when they reach age 9, and dogs are categorized as seniors when they reach age 7. 


At Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, N.Y., we specialize in quality senior pet care. We offer an all-inclusive approach to caring for your older pet, including regular exams, laboratory testing, disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We know you're never going to give up on your senior pet, and we won't either.

Senior Pet Care Exams and Testing

It's important for pets of all ages to receive regular wellness exams from a qualified veterinarian, like our team here at the Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center. However, senior pets should receive exams and testing that adhere to senior pet protocols. These exams and tests should be completed semi-annually, as opposed to the usual annual veterinary checkups for younger animals. 

Senior pet health can also vary greatly from pet to pet, so our senior-specific exams and testing can discover exactly what your individual companion needs. That can vary from simple diet changes or nutritional supplements to pharmaceutical treatments, special exercise instructions or surgery. We also recommend regular dental cleanings and oral exams to maintain pet health and fight off a number of possible diseases.

Our state-of-the-art veterinarian exam and testing processes can also detect and diagnose certain issues as quickly as possible. This means your pet can start receiving the necessary treatments, whether fighting cancer or another geriatric disease, right away. 

Nutritional Changes

Our veterinarians here in Medford, N.Y., are experts in senior pet care. Through lab work and testing, they're able to determine where your pet may have nutritional deficiencies. Our veterinarians are able to prescribe a specific diet tailored to your senior pet's needs. Many times, a prescription diet can help fight obesity (which can lead to heart disease and hypertension), food allergies, digestive issues, and other special conditions. We may also recommend certain nutritional supplements to combat certain medical conditions, such as fish oil supplements and glucosamine to fight arthritis. 

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At Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center, we know caring for a geriatric pet can be mentally and physically exhausting. Our goal is to offer diagnosis and treatment options that keep you and your pet happy and comfortable through these years. We'll always adjust our recommendations and practices to meet your senior pet's needs as well as your needs as a pet owner.

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