Pet Diabetes

When your pet begins to show signs of an illness, it is upsetting for both of you. Pet diabetes is an illness where it feels like everything is going wrong at once. Dogs and cats get diabetes at a rate of approximately 1 in every 100. The solution is simply finding out what the problem is.

Diabetes in your pet can be managed. Your pet can continue with a happy and healthy life, just like humans can. At Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, our veterinarian will diagnose your pet and create a treatment plan that will get your pet back to normal.


Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

Diabetes in cats and dogs happens in their later years. Generally around the middle age of both cats and dogs is when the first signs begin to develop. Overweight animals will be more at risk of diabetes. If your pet begins to show the signs of this disease, bring it in for a check-up. We can diagnose this condition very early.

  • Frequent urination or going outside 
  • Urinating outside the litter box, or inside the house 
  •  Drinking a lot 
  •  Hungry more than usual 
  •  Weight loss 
  • Cloudy eyes (in dogs) 
  •  Coat appears dull or dry 
  •  Sleeps more and longer

Older Pets

Unfortunately, for pet owners, these signs can be confusing. With diabetes appearing later in their life, a lot of these signs may be present for no other reason than old age. Cats and dogs both sleep more than usual in their older years.

You may also notice some of these signs if your pet has other conditions, such as stress. If there has been a major change in the home or lifestyle, your pet may sleep more or eat more to feel close to something familiar. If you are unsure, bring your pet in for a checkup and a blood test. We can start treating your pet right away.

Treatment for Pet Diabetes

There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be treated. Glycemic treatment can be given to your cat through insulin supplementation. Lifestyle changes will likely also be prescribed. Some animals go into diabetes remission, but that is rare. We will keep an eye on your pet's blood to determine how it is doing as the treatment progresses. Diabetes treatment depends heavily on lifestyle changes and medication plans. Our veterinarian is here to help you and your pet through this disease.

Get Treatment for Pet Diabetes in Medford, NY

If you are worried that your pet has diabetes, contact our veterinarian. Dr. Dave at Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center will get your pet back on track. Call us today at (631) 730-6929 to schedule an appointment.

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