Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections are as painful and uncomfortable for your pet as they are in humans. In many situations, if your pet has an eye infection, it will have the same causes as in humans. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to identify because some symptoms mimic those of allergies, irritation, or an injury. That’s why our team at Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center provides the testing required to identify the root cause of your pet’s eye infection. Here is some brief information to help you better understand the diagnosis and treatment for pet eye infections and when you should take your pet to our Medford clinic for an exam.  

Pet Eye Infections

Diagnosing Pet Eye Infections

The first step in identifying a potential eye infection is to take your pet to our Medford veterinarian for an eye exam. Our veterinarian will provide a general eye exam that includes looking at your pet’s eyes, eyelids, and surrounding tissues. The vet may also perform a light exam which consists of flashing a bright light in your pet’s eyes while holding their eyelids open, which is done to check for sensitivity to light. If our vet suspects your pet may have a bacterial infection, they will take a small sample from the affected eye and check for bacterial growth.

Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection

One of the most common symptoms of a pet eye infection is a green or yellow discharge, and the whites of the eyes will often appear red. However, you may notice other signs/symptoms of an eye infection, which may include:

  • Squinting
  • Increased blinking or spasms of the eyelid
  • Light sensitivity
  • Pawing at the eye, which is an indication of pain or itchiness
  • Swelling of the eyelids. either one or both eyes may appear puffy

Causes of Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections are generally caused by viruses or bacteria. However, they may also be caused by other issues, such as foreign debris in the eye or fungal infections. Our veterinarian will generally run different tests to rule out any potential eye-related problems that may be causing your pet’s symptoms. We will also check for scratches on the eye’s surface, which may lead to a bacterial infection.

Treatment for Pet Eye Infections

The treatment for pet eye infections depends on the cause of the infection. However, in most situations, our vet will prescribe eye drops that work as antibiotics that are safe for direct contact with your pet’s eye. After a few days of using the eye drops, you should notice a significant improvement in your pet’s affected eye. If you suspect your pet may have an eye infection, it is important to contact your veterinarian in Medford as soon as possible. If the infection isn’t treated promptly, it may lead to serious eye-related issues or even permanent blindness.

Visit Us for Pet Eye Infection Treatment from Our Veterinarian in Medford, NY

To learn more about pet eye infections or to schedule an exam for your animal, contact our team at Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, NY. Our team is dedicated to providing your pet the care it needs to live a long and healthy life. 

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