Dog Vaccinations

The Importance of Dog Vaccines

Nothing is quite as exciting as bringing a new pet home. That dog is going to give you years of friendship as your closest companion, and in turn, you provide for her care. The best way to start is to introduce them to a veterinarian by getting the appropriate vaccines, and a good way to start is at the Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, NY. You'll find all our services to be professional and all our technicians to be friendly with both you and your dog. It's always a good time to let your dog come meet us for a regular checkup, and especially important to bring her by for the vaccinations she needs to assure her continued good health. 


What Dog Vaccinations Consist Of

As puppies, or if adopted as an adult without a known history, all dogs need their multi-way vaccination against common canine diseases. Once it was called a 5-way shot, later it became a 7-way vaccination, the specifics can vary based on local laws and needs as determined by your dog's veterinarian. It's typically one-shot followed by booster shots once per month, two to four times according to your dog's needs. Additionally, a rabies shot is required which might be an annual dose or in some cases may only be needed every 3-5 years, again, the specifics depend on what you and the veterinarian discuss as being best for your dog, and it's hard to describe specifics because it doesn't really matter what worked best for your friends' dogs.

The Community Effects of Not Getting Dog Vaccines

Vaccinations for dogs are similar to vaccinations for people in that they protect the rest of the community from disease. As a responsible dog owner, your dog might never get loose, but other dogs or wild animals might get inside your fence, exposing your dog to diseases. You might not think your dog needs vaccination because she only goes outside on a leash, but she can also catch a disease from sniffing shrubbery or rolling in the lawn where another animal has been. It's always best to just have her vaccinated so you don't have to worry about exposure.

Contacting a Local Veterinary Service

It's always good to develop a relationship with a reputable local veterinarian such as Veterinary Outpatient Treatment Center in Medford, NY. You can call us at 631-730-6929 to schedule an appointment today!

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